The psychosocial impact of skin conditions is becoming more understood. According to a study by Ari Tuckman in the Dermatologic Therapy Journal,

The incidence of psychosocial comorbidities among such patients is high, with increased risks of depression, anxiety, and suicide idealisation. Studies have shown that successful treatment, which improves the patient’s symptoms and changes their physical appearance, can lead to improvement in psychologic symptoms and a better quality of life. However, it is important to note that, sometimes, greater life satisfaction is achieved by accepting that perhaps some symptoms will remain or recur, even if a patient generally responds well to treatment. Such acceptance involves acknowledging the existence of symptoms, allowing the patient to pursue a more meaningful life that is not overly limited by their condition.

Practices that may help in the acceptance include developing communication skills, Mindfulness integrated cognitive behavioral therapy and mindfulness based stress reduction.

Helping patients to come to terms with their condition may mean that they are more equipped to go out into the world and pursue a more meaningful life.

We spoke with Coco Nkrumah of Reality Based Mindfulness on the healt thy skin podcast. Coco has been involved with mindfulness and meditation for over 10 years, at the age of 22 he became a certified Kung Fu instructor. His training in mindfulness began with Chinese Taoist meditation and during his years he has accomplished 3 certifications in Chinese meditation, traveled to Southern china for intensive training camps with qi gong masters and now operates Reality Based Mindfulness, a company that offers one on one, group and corporate training in mindfulness techniques for the modern human.

Coco shares how his journey into mindfulness inspired the founding of his company and the importance of adopting mindfulness techniques in the recovery of disease and in day to day life.

In the podcast we learn:

  • Why mindfulness practices can be just as important for the carer, adopting mindfulness techniques can improve quality of life and offer respite.
  • Mindfulness can be done anywhere at anytime, Coco shares his recommendations of simply becoming more aware whilst doing everyday tasks
  • We are not our mind, start becoming an observer of your thoughts, whether it is a sense of not feeling good enough, the fear of not being accepting because of your skin condition or simply the negative self talk that inevitably creeps up at times of stress.

Ultimately, Mindfulness is something that we can all benefit from.

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Additional Information:

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