Studies have shown that consumers are not using enough sunscreen, with an avg of people using only 25% of the sunscreen that they should be. We need two teaspoons worth of sunscreen for your head, shoulders, and neck, and two tablespoons worth for the rest of your body. 

Welcome to episode number 8 of the Heal Thy Skin Podcast, I’m Marni your host and today I am speaking with Sam Sheehan, Managing Director of Suncayr Australia and Asia.

The mission of Suncayr  is to give you the UV awareness that you need to safely enjoy every day you spend outside. 

Sunscreen is not a complete solution. Since sunscreen is invisible when it’s both working and not working, how do you know that your sunscreen is still doing its job? 

To solve this problem, Suncayr developed SPOT, a smart UV indicating sticker to take the guesswork out of applying and reapplying sunscreen

Sam shares how his journey into sunsmart awareness bought advanced technology and research to an everyday routine and the importance of knowing you’re protected in the sun.

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