How many of you have had laser? Laser or IPL hair removal, laser pigmentation removal, laser for reducing redness. There are so many aesthetic treatments that use lasers to smooth out, refine or reduce the appearance of imperfections on the skin. When you had your initial consultation, was it mandatory for you to have a skin check or mole map? Lasers work by targeting different chromophores in the skin, such a pigment in hair or a freckle or blood like in a dilated capillaries…. What also contains these chromophores? Benign and both malignant lesions, therefore these treatments may also target and destroy the clues to malignancy in a mole, or a lump, or a bump on the skin. Welcome to episode number 7 of the Heal Thy Skin Podcast, I’m Marni, your host and today I am speaking with Fiona Moss, Dermal Clinician, Dermatoscopist and University Supervisor.  Fiona shares how her journey into dermoscopy altered the way she viewed laser treatments and the importance of having your skin checked by a skin cancer specialist prior to undergoing aesthetic treatments.  . . . 

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