For more than 3 million children and adolescents living with moderate to severe atopic dermatitis (AD)—the most common and serious type of eczema—the worst words in the English language are “don’t scratch.” Friends and parents may utter these words with the best of intentions, but when you are under the lash of relentless itch, the last thing they want to hear is to stop doing the very thing that provides momentary relief.
Eczema comes and goes over time. It results in very dry and sensitive skin and can be made worse by exposure to many different things. But eczema isn’t just skin deep; it can affect overall health in a variety of ways.
In this week’s podcast episode, Marni will be speaking with Cheryl Talent, President of Eczema Association of Australasia Inc (EAA).
Having herself been an eczema sufferer since she was just a few days old, Cheryl became involved with the EAA in 1997 as a volunteer when she was in her mid-30s after having the worst eczema flare-up she had experienced in over 15 years. The EAA’s education and support helped her to keep take charge and keep her eczema mostly under control and she believes this is the key for most eczema sufferers.  As EAA President, Cheryl’s role is to educate people about eczema and how to manage it, to work with companies who have products that can help, and liaise with health professionals and researchers to ensure the EAA is providing the most up to date advice and support
Cheryl is passionate about helping eczema sufferers and their carers towards a better quality of life.
Join us in this episode as Cheryl walks us the misconceptions, treatments and life with eczema.

Learn more about Cheryl Talent here:
Website: https://www.eczema.org.au/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/eczemaau/
Instagram: @eczemaau

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