Skincare professionals and consumers alike are bombarded daily with tons of information about skincare, skin science and skin health from the media, manufacturers and an ever-increasing number of skin practitioners, all attempting to justify that what they profess and advocate is the truth and nothing but the truth. Sometimes claims are accurate and sometimes they aren’t.
More often than not, the truth may lie somewhere in between.
In this week’s podcast episode, Marni will be speaking with Dr Michele Squire, Founder and Director of QR8 (Curate).
Dr Michele Squire is A PhD-qualified scientist, science educator, and former Registered Nurse who has been researching skincare science for more than 17 years. Identifying the important link between science and results-driven beauty, She founded Qr8 (pronounced ‘curate’) in 2019, to provide simple, skincare advice based on scientific evidence, rather than marketing.
Michele is committed to driving the positive conversation around the beauty of ageing and the significance of research and education.
Join us in this in-depth talk about skincare formulation, products, ingredients and the science behind them.
Learn more about Dr Michele Squire here:
Website: https://www.qr8list.com/
Instagram: @qr8_curate
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/qr8curate/
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