Surgical implants are widely used in modern medicine but their effectiveness is often compromised by how our bodies react to them.

In this podcast episode, Marni will be speaking with Dr Donna Lee Marcal, the founder of Dermatonics.

Dr Marcal is a specialist in human Biochemistry with a doctorate from The University of Ottawa. She has worked in the area of inflammation and how the body reacts to foreign materials as well as macrophage biology related to Atherosclerosis. Dr Marcal has been awarded several international research fellowships for her work, including an Endeavour Research Fellowship awarded to her by Julie Bishop in 2006.

Upon her Sydney research visit, she investigated the human biochemistry pathways involved in inflammation using advanced proteomics. And the Australian story begins! Her work on specific human proteins and their functions on human inflammation enabled her with a Young Investigators Award from the World Human Proteomics Organization. She then moved to Australia to continue her advanced work at the Australian Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology (Brisbane, QLD). She was then further awarded a research fellowship from the Canadian National Science & Engineering Research Council to work in Australia on her research. Dr Donna Lee Marcal is now the driving force of Dermatonics and its advanced Nutridermaceutical skincare.

Join us as we will learn more from Dr Marcal the why’s and how’s of our body’s reaction to foreign materials.

Learn more about Dr Donna Lee Marcal here:

Website: www.dermatonics.com.au

Instagram: @dermatonics_skincare

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dermatonics/




Research Mentioned by Dr Marcal: http://bit.ly/35cCYvP

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