Most people always think of inflammation as something that we can always see. Thus, we often intervene it with medications and not allow our body to work its unique healing capacity.

Do you know that inflammation can also be caused by psychological stress? Do you know that our lymphatic system plays a big role in resolving inflammation?

In this podcast episode, we will be speaking with Jennifer Byrne of Australian Society of Dermal Clinicians to uncover the biggest misconception about inflammation.

Jennifer is a full time lecturer in the Bachelor of Dermal Science for the College of Health & Biomedicine at Victoria University (Melbourne) as well as currently the chair of the Australian Society of Dermal Clinicians. 

Jennifer’s teaching and research interest areas focus on the clinical and an interdisciplinary approach to dermal practice. Expertise and specialisation include clinical governance, standardising practice, Skin integrity and health, wound/scar and edema management.

Jennifer’s qualifications include: BHSC (Clinical Dermal Therapy). BA (Architecture), Grad Dip (Wound Care), Grad Cert (Tertiary Education). Lecturer Dermal Science and Therapy (College of Health and Biomedicine) Victoria University and President of Australian Society of Dermal Clinicians.

While most of the studies on lymphatic contractile function has been found on studies in mice not humans it is interesting to watch for further evidence that will emerge with ICG imaging techniques.

You can find more about Jennifer at:

ASDC website: www.dermalclinicians.com.au

Victoria University Website: https://www.vu.edu.au (Bachelor of Dermal Science)

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