In this day of age where everyone wants to look good or look like someone they idolize, more people take risks of having fillers and injectables without knowing or going through the right process. In this week’s podcast, Marni speaks with Dr. Theva Kumar, cosmetic physician and owner of Dr. T aesthetics in Glen Iris Victoria. Dr. Theva has been a general practitioner for 20 years, and he decided to pursue his passion of helping people with their anti aging needs through non surgical methods. He will share with us interesting views on using injectables to actually provide a natural result, the complete process from consultation to achievement plan and finding out the best option for you.  Natural beauty is timeless and trends will come and go. But ultimately, if you’re seeking a practitioner that provides a natural result, there will be practitioners out there that do just that. 

You can find out more about Dr. Theva and Dr. T aesthetics at:

Website: https://drtheva.com.au/

Facebook: Dr. Theva Thevakumar

Instagram: @Dr.Theva_aesthetics  

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