Welcome to episode number 11 of the Heal Thy Skin Podcast, I’m Marni, your host and today I am speaking with Dr Abbie, ​Dr of Traditional Chinese Medicine and founder​ of Zhong Centre in St Kilda, Victoria.
Dr Abbie has trained extensively around the world in Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine, with a background in Naturopathy and a Bachelor of Health Science in traditional chinese therapy. Abbie is passionate about sharing her knowledge and teaching people that everyone can access and integrate health and sensible wellbeing in their daily lives to improve their health and accelerate their personal growth and development. Dr Abbie treats all sorts of skin conditions in her Clinic, from adult acne, post operative scarring, facelifts for breast cancer survivors and getting ‘glowy skin’ for brides and special events. She’ll also wipe years off your face with her chemical and filler free approach to facial rejuvenation.
Dr Abbie shares how her journey into traditional chinese medicine inspired injectable free facial rejuvenation and the ancient secrets of gua sha.
I started by asking Dr Abbie what she thinks is the biggest misconception about acupuncture.
Learn more about Zhong Centre: www.zhongcentre.com

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