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Expose your brand to opportunities as big or as small as you like! You’ll be partnering with a platform with a community that is engaged and hungry for solutions.

dermhealth.co caters to the patient, the carer AND the service provider. If you have a product or
service solution to a skin condition, disease or trauma, we’ve got 3 dream target markets waiting to hear about it. 

connecting your brand with our community

We understand that showcasing your brand isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach.
That’s why we offer a range of promotional platforms to connect you with the Dermhealth.co
community. Chat to us about your brand and budget to be matched with the best medium for your goals.



advertise with us

Advertising with Dermhealth.co is available across a range of mediums. From banner ads to email newsletters, we can add your branding to our message.


65% of listeners feel increased brand positivity after hearing a voice they trust deliver it via audio.
Our weekly podcast Heal Thy Skin features the industry’s leading practitioners and shares skin health journeys like no other.

product reviews

We showcase products with our community on the reg. Creating video, written or audio content, we provide our community with honest reviews of skin health solutions.


Our first ever event booked out in 4 days! We can pack a room and we’re just getting started. Our live and online summits have taken the industry by storm and connected our dermhealth.co community with the industry’s best.

supporting the launch of your resource

Have you got a resource, training course or an array of information that you’re looking to distribute?
Valuing evidence-based education, let us help you design, develop and distribute your next resource.

“the notion of skinpowerment illicits an emotion that is far deeper than skin. It’s a shift in the way we view skin conditions and visible differences.”

Marnina Diprose, Dermhealth.co founder

what are the benefits to partnering with us?


Combined data from our social media, podcasts and analytics show that our audience is experienced, identify as women and live in metropolitan major cities.


The dermhealth.co brand is one of influence with a loyal community that look to us when seeking new products and services.


We are forging a new category in a heavily saturated market. It’s time your brand stood out. Get out of the murky waters and move over to the blue ocean with us.


We’re a small business. Our aim is to build and nurture our networks for a long-term relationship of value all round.



Our audience are vocal in how they like to consume resources. This provides valuable feedback that
can help shape the way you market your products and services to our community.


Our short-term contracts allow for the ultimate in flexible marketing – meaning if your plans change, we can pivot in days, not months.

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