In the world of therapeutic massage there are many sub categories to support and treat different ailments. 

When it comes to post surgical care oncology massage and rehabilitation techniques for scars can increase flexibility, develop greater range of motion and increase quality of life for patients. This may allow clients to return to daily tasks with greater ease or simply to improve sleep quality and reduce pain.

Research shows that specialised massage techniques can assist with:






•Improve Sleep

•Mental Clarity and Alertness

•Peripheral Neuropathy


•Shortness of Breath

•Scar Restrictions

•Range of Motion Issues

We were lucky enough to sit down with Amy Tyler of Therapeutic Massage on EP4 of the Heal Thy Skin Podcast. 

Amy is a certified and experienced therapeutic and oncology massage practitioner, trained to hospital standards,  who is passionate about working to enhance the healing environment for patients and uses speciality techniques to support the lymphatic system, soften scarring and improve quality of life.

Amy explained  that oncology Massage is a gentle, nurturing and non invasive treatment that takes into consideration all the changes that occur to your body, physically and emotionally, once a diagnosis of cancer and treatment occurs.

The massage is modified to make it safe during all parts of the cancer journey, whether you have just been diagnosed, are undergoing surgery, chemotherapy or radiation therapy, or are in palliation or remission.  

She also spoke about scar massage as a suitable treatment to reduce the appearance of a scar as well as dealing with the physiological and psychological effects on the body. Bringing feeling back into a region which may have felt disconnected from the body allows the client to feel whole again.

Massage is not just limited to the body, scar massage face treatments can also be beneficial for a range of conditions.

“Scars tell a story of where you have been. They don’t dictate where you are going.”

Amy shared so much more fabulous information during the podcast including:

  • Massage and cancer contraindications
  • How to find oncology massage near me
  • Where to find oncology training
  • Why scar massage may reduce the need for scar tissue removal surgery
  • How to reduce scar tissue after surgery
  • How internal scar tissue may impact movement

So make sure you listen in to EP4 of the heal thy skin podcast with Amy Tyler of Therapeutic Massage to hear the rest of the interview.

You can find out more about Amy by visiting:

Web: www.therapeuticmassage.com.au

Facebook: AmyTylerTherapeuticMassage

You can find out more about oncology massage by visiting:

Oncology Massage Limited: https://www.oncologymassagetraining.com.au/