Marnina is a Dermal Clinician, Dermatoscopist, University Supervisor, Tech Geek and founder of Dermhealth.co

Calling for industry-wide transparency about unregulated treatments and true skin health, Marnina is committed to helping people make informed choices about how they can heal their skin, be empowered on their skin health journey and helping cut through the marketing hype so they can make decisions based on an evidence based approach.

Since her early teens, Marnina has envisioned creating a hub of specialists and leading health practitioners, offering education and support to the community in a tranquil and beautiful atmosphere. In early 2018 after several years of freelancing Marnina decided it was time to breath her passion of technology and skin health into Dermhealth.co, an online platform educating about true skin health and offering support for those experiencing skin disease, trauma and injury (and there may even be future dreams of a face to face workshop space!)

When our skin is damaged or impaired due to inflammation, disease, injury or trauma it not only disrupts our skin barrier but it can also have a significant impact on our health and mental state. Marnina believes that everyone deserves to have the opportunity to specialised consult and treatment no matter what their skin concern is.

Ultimately Marnina wishes to bring patients and practitioners together to help people face the world faster.

Whether you are a patient seeking advice on a a treatment, a mother concerned with a scar on their child or a practitioner that strives to do their very best for each client, Marnina insists there is a place for you at dermhealth.co