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Saturday 26th Sep 2020



10:00am – 2:30pm AEST

Meet the speakers

Taryn Claire
My breast cancer story

Taryn Claire grew up in South Africa as the bossy older sister of four girls, moving to Australia at the end of high school and going on to study a Bachelor of Management at James Cook University.

When she met her Beloved, a GP, at age twenty, they moved to Perth, followed by a rural medicine quest to Exmouth and Tasmania, landing back in Queensland to have a family.

After her eldest son was diagnosed with cancer at age three, her interests radically expanded to include nutritional health and spiritual wellbeing.

Taryn Claire went on to study forensic healing, became a Tibetan and Usui Reiki Master, did a raw chef course and developed a strong interest in all things psychic and mediumship. She has been working as an energy and spiritual consultant in Townsville, helping people connect to their spiritual side.

Taryn Claire’s own discovery, diagnosis and dance with cancer opened her eyes further into a world that she thought she already knew as ‘that mum of a kid with cancer’.

She soon discovered it was sometimes harder to stand up for yourself than it is to stand up for your child.

Taryn Claire evolved into sharing her learnings openly with friends and strangers alike in a bid to empower mindsets of both those diagnosed and their support teams.

Taryn Claire educates women to better support each other during a diagnosis with an empowering mindset from a space of love, not fear.

Her wish is that women enter their diagnosis knowing themselves, asking the right questions, standing up for themselves and giving themselves a voice to ask for what they want so they get the best health outcomes.

Jennifer Byrne
Lymphatic system and the Skin

Jennifer is currently the Chairperson of the Australian Society of Dermal Clinicians. She lectures in dermal therapies for the College of Health & Biomedicine at Victoria University.

Her teaching focuses on the clinical and interdisciplinary aspects of dermal practice. She has lectured in several units with a clinical focus, specialising in the area of lymphatic/wound biology and management.

Jennifer has been a dermal clinician for the past 8 years, previously having worked in the cosmetic/beauty industry. She has a special interest in developing expertise and specialisation in the areas of skin integrity management and client education, particularly related to chronic disease and cancer.

Jennifer is currently completing a Master of Science Research in the area of lymphatics with Victoria University.

Alyaa Mokh’ee
Compression, managing lymphatic disorders and oncology

Alyaa recognised her interest in Physiotherapy towards the end of her high school education and made to decision to move to Melbourne, to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Physiotherapy at La Trobe University. She graduated in 2010. Towards the end of her studies, Alyaa was introduced to the field of Oncology during her placement at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre.

Alyaa went on to work with Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre as a weekend Physiotherapist. Alyaa normally shares her time between Total Physiocare and Brunswick Private Hospital. At Brunswick Private, Alyaa helped establish the Oncology Rehabilitation Unit in 2016. This experience has increased both her passion and clinical experience in the complex field of oncology. She has completed her Lymphoedema Therapist accreditation and is currently treating lymphoedema clients at our Reservoir Clinic.

Chelsey Jean
Lymphatic Health

Chelsey Jean wakes up each day excited to help others live their healthiest and best life. 

She is a qualified Sports Therapist, Naturopath, Free Thinker and creator of the Advanced Natural Health Clinic and the Chelsey Jean label. 

Chelsey’s passion for health and wellbeing began at just 19 years of age when she opened her first fitness studio and day spa. Armed with a Business degree, knowledge of the health industry and a passion for creating a niche in the health space, she began a movement towards detoxification and lymphatic health – conditions that are shockingly lacking in education in today’s health care space.

With a goal to improve EVERYBODY’S life for the better, she patiently created her own protocol, one that incorporates over 20 years of clinical experience and draws in all of the best bits of knowledge from around the world.

Chelsey’s goal is simple: to create fun, easy, at-home lymphatic health habits and solutions that everyBODY can use easily and effectively. 

As a self-described “lymphoholic”, Chelsey’s innovative LymFATic products and protocols can be found in clinics all over Australia. 

Chelsey believes amazing health is accessible to everyone, and it’s her mission to support women to become the best version of themselves – and have a tonne of fun along the way.

As a #mumboss, she is her clients strongest cheerleader and thrives on healing from the inside out.

“I share a refreshing approach to living a healthy lifestyle and healing your lymphatics simply, so you can experience joy and energy, every single day.”

Influenced by the great success of her in-clinic patients and winning the Innovation Awards at Natex 2020, she aspires to change as many lives as possible with her “LymFATics Alive and Body Wisdom” programs, a series of workshops designed for coaches and health professionals.

Looking and feeling your healthiest, and loving the body you’re in is essential in our fast-paced, self-indulgent world. I’ll empower you to re-think what it means to be glowing with good health, and overcoming life’s little aches and pains.

Meg Schofield
My Lymphoedema Story

Meg Schofield has been advocating for Lymphoedema awareness since she was diagnosed 16 years ago with unilateral primary Lymphoedema in her right leg. Throughout the years she has created programs for young people, communities and supported others with the condition, harnessing a raw and real, but positive mindset and not letting the illness get in her way. She is always happy to share her learnings and experience with others to spread awareness and remind others they aren’t alone. 

Who is this event for?


Experience a sluggish lymphatic system, an inflammatory skin condition.


Have lymphoedema or are at risk of developing lymphoedema


You are the loved one or friend of someone with lymph dysfunction


You are an allied health practitioner


You are a skin therapist or someone with a skin interest

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Saturday 26th September 2020



10:00am – 2:30pm




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