A product that is water proof, smudge proof, lasts for several days with customised colours to suit every skin tone, Microskin is changing lives of people across the world.

It started with makeup

Linda Lowndes was working in special effects makeup when an idea sparked to create a flexible simulated skin to cover skin conditions such as  vitiligo, birthmarks, burns, eczema, lupus and keloid scarring. After years of research and development Microskin was launched in Brisbane, Australia in 2005.

Microskin now has clinics in the United States, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe, New Zealand, Turkey, India and Pakistan and has helped hundreds of thousands of people across the world to improve their confidence and help them face the world.

Hear Julie Buckley of Microskin share how the product works, the application process and why it’s unlike anything else on the market. Listen here or search for the Dermhealthco Podcast on any platform you stream your podcasts from.

The before and after images speak for themselves

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