Inflammation in the body is a common ailment  that Nadia Shaw, a Naturopath at Flannerys Organic & Wholefood Market  talks about with customers about daily. It can cause a lot of discomfort and unease. Symptoms can range from extreme to mild. Nadia provided us with a list of some foods that may help ease inflammation in the body.

Causes of inflammation range from the Western diet to stress or injuries. Chronic  diseases such as arthritis and endometriosis are also a cause of inflammation.

Regardless of the cause the symptoms of inflammation are similar and include pain, stiffness and sometimes heat and redness.Nadia explains how some common foods that are higher in nutrients and antioxidants, help the body to rejuvenate quickly and dampen down the symptoms of inflammation.

Turmeric, also known as the “super-spice” is now widely recognised as having potent anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory actions. It is traditionally used in cooking, particularly curries to add a vibrant yellow colour. Turmeric is added to immune-boosting juices and of course, delicious Turmeric lattes. There are a wide range of health conditions that may benefit from turmeric such as arthritis and irritable-bowel syndrome.

Ginger is widely used in cooking and cleansing juices. A potent antioxidant. Has well reported anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects helping to reduce pain. It is warming and comforting.Organic berries such as blueberries, raspberries, cherries and acai berries are a vibrant sourc e of anti-inflammatory nutrients.

Leafy Greens are a major source of nutrients such as iron and magnesium. They can easily be added to most dishes and if you are time-poor can be sourced via super green powders such as Amazonia’s Raw Greens.Green tea contains EGCG an important flavanol that is strongly antioxidant which is being widely studied in the prevention and treatment of a number of diseases commonly driven by inflammation. There are many varieties of green tea such as beautiful Matcha and Sencha teas. Green tea is a wonderful addition to a healthy lifestyle.

Hemp products are now legal for consumption in Australia. Hooray! Hemp contains omega 3 and 6 fats, magnesium, zinc and iron! Hemp oil is great in salad dressings and smoothies. Hemp seeds are delicious with breakfast or added to goodie balls. Looking for a wonderful and sustaining vegan protein? Look no further than Hemp protein powder. It tastes delicious! 

Nadia Shaw is a Naturopath at Flannerys Organic & Wholefood Market. You can speak to her in store or book in for a free 15 minute advice session with other qualified Naturopaths via their website, flannerys.com.au