Innovative medical aesthetic technology powered by a unique business model

Innovative medical aesthetic technology powered by a unique business model

Here at DHC, we are all about education. We strive to be at the forefront of innovative treatment approaches to empower practitioners & patients to make informed choices about how they treat, manage & understand the skin in its many forms. This is why we felt it was fitting to round out 2020 by announcing our newest partnership with Venus Concept Australia.

Venus Concept is a company that was created to deliver groundbreaking non-invasive medical devices that actually deliver on their promises. Their devices specifically target aesthetic medical conditions including acne & acne scarring, hyperpigmentation caused by sun damage, tissue damage or inflammation, intermittent or fixed vascularity & skin laxity, alopecia & circumferential lipolysis. 

Now you may be wondering what does all this mean 🤔 Simply put their innovative devices provide non-invasive face & body therapies to address patient concerns. Now we know what your next question will be, which device is for me, my patient and my concerns? 

Well to get you all fizzing for the DHC 2021 agenda we will be offering a series of workshops with Venus Concept to cover each of their incredible devices, what they treat, how they treat & their awe-inspiring results. 

So to kick things off we wanted to give you a breakdown of the technology Venus offers so that you know exactly which workshops you wish to attend, the questions you may want to ask & the treatments you may want to book in. 

Number one on our list is the Venus Versa which DOES IT ALL. This workhorse of a device is a three in one platform that treats sun damage, acne, ageing, hair removal, textural concerns & scarring plus offers skin tightening and body contouring! This versatile system houses an IPL, a nano fractional radio device & MP2 technology. In essence, each device can be used on its own or in combination to create a layered treatment approach targeting multiple concerns concurrently. 

Some of our DermHealth.co crew have experienced this device in action while undergoing the coveted Venus Tribella treatment! This treatment uses all three modalities to tone, tighten & smooth texture and the results are worth a little downtime. 

Now if you prefer a solution with no downtime, you will love the Venus Legacy or the Venus Freeze Plus. These devices tighten, lift & reduce concerns using MP2 & VariPulse technology to treat an array of facial and bodily concerns including cellulite reduction, skin tightening, wrinkles and non-surgical body contouring. Venus’s innovational combination of Multi-Polar Radio Frequency (RF) and Pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields (PEMF) synergistically provide therapeutic tissue heating, stimulating fibroblast activity (your collagen-producing cells) while promoting angiogenesis and the release of growth factors for fibroblast proliferation. An added layer to this platform is the VariPulse technology which uses positive & negative air pressure to increase energy penetration to further induce tissue repair to refirm & smooth skin texture. 

But let’s say your patient or you as a patient are suffering from some form of textural scarring as a result of tissue trauma from acne or surgery, then the Venus Viva is your solution. This device treats textural concerns using NanoFractional Radio Frequency. The head of the applicator houses 160 needle-shaped pins that deliver energy through the upper layers of the skin. As the energy bypasses these upper layers it then spreads beneath the surface of the skin to create uniform tissue coagulation for deep ablation. These zones of ablation begin to heal instantly as the body is triggered to produce new tissue. The device can be customised depending on the condition being treated from scarring to stretch marks, enlarged pores or uneven skin texture or laxity and reduces downtime significantly in contrast with more ablative measures such as CO2 laser. 

However we have to say our hero products are Venu’s hair restoration devices; the NeoGraft & Artas iX. These devices harvest hair follicles & gently re-implant them into target sites to restore a natural-looking hairline & rehabilitate scalp hair. This allows patients who suffer from underlying conditions that cause alopecia ( hair loss) to regain their confidence & empower them by having a treatment method available to them. 

So we hope you are all as excited as we are to watch these workshops and soak up all the knowledge this partnership will create! Dates to be announced at the commencement of 2021. Welcome to DermHealth.co Venus Concept Australia.

Stretch Marks

Stretch Marks


Stretch marks develop upon rapid stretching of the skin during growth spurts, weight gain or pregnancy. The underlying reason for developing stretch marks is not completely understood however, the changes in the structure of the skin are identical to a scar. Therefore, stretch marks are a form of thin, flattened scarring.

There are three types of stretch marks:

  • Striae Gravidarum are the stretch marks that occur due to pregnancy
  • Striae Rubra describes early-stage stretch marks that are red/purple in colour
  • Striae Alba refers to a mature stretch mark that may be silver/white in colour and have a depressed appearance

Although stretch marks do not pose as a risk to your health they can have an impact on self-esteem due to the visual appearance. Once stretch marks mature they will remain there unless treatments are undergone to revise and rebuild the skin tissue.


Treatment for stretch marks will include topical therapies, light-based treatments, and skin needling. All of these therapies work by encouraging collagen formation in the skin to rebuild are repair the degraded skin. A series of treatments of between 2-10 sessions will require for best results. Combining modalities to treat stretch marks will improve the final outcome.